Wireless Technology

“Wi-Fi” is now the enhanced technology that is used in all fields for the Network Connection.

Broadband connection using wired technology utilizes high amount of cost for enhancing a new connection. It  is classified into several connections like “LAN”,”MAN”,”WAN”, etc..,They are classified according to their area of connections. For a new system to connect with a network a LAN network is used with the lot more process but if it is connected to a “Wi-Fi” the process goes much simpler.” Wi-Fi” is a wireless technology so that it can be enhanced and extended anywhere. Instead of making wired connections with the system a Wi-Fi router can be fixed in a place and those who wish for the Network to be connected  they can connect it easily and it can remove it too. Wi-Fi uses 802.11 technology.

The range of Wireless network can be extended for a range. There will be a common Access Point for a Wi-Fi Technology and all the wireless devices are connected to the Access point with the Access  ID. “Wi-Fi” is now the safest way for network Connection.


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